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Contactless Hotel Technology

Macrotech provides a simple and cost effective way to automate your hotel
contactless guest experience with our unique mobile & IOT solution. First contactless solution as a service with lowest cost of kiosk & mobile key solution.


Contactless Guest Room Experience without mobile app installation...

Inhouse guest can unlock their door or control room lights or TV as well they can order room service directly from their mobile.

​Offer front desk experience on your guest mobile with no app install.

With our unique hotel mobility platform hotel can quickly start offering their guest with mobile check in / check out and guest services without installation of any app.


Frontdesk assistant kiosk
provide a 24/7 virtual presence at your hotel lobby.

Our unique frontdesk assistant kiosk save your operation cost & improve your guest experience with our customized kiosk made with video communication support of remote frontdesk agent.

Let's Not Worry About Price!

let's focus on finding the right solution for you - then we can talk about price

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