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Hotel IOT Solution & Room Automation

IoT solutions promise to make hotel smarter and more successful at what they do. Here are our solutions provide opportunities for the hospitality industry to better serve customers, increase the efficiency of operations and provide differentiated services


Your customers are really only interested in things that matter to them. So, what if you could understand more about the people who actually visit your business.

Our Wi-Fi solutions collect data and allow you to send targeted messaging to the people using your connection. 


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Smart Lock helps auto check in and check out

With help of our secure smart Lock you don’t need to hand-over any Physical key, and same time share automated virtual keys to your guests can access from their phone without downloading of any app.


Occupancy monitoring system

Our smart door lock and occupancy sensors keep eye on room occupancy for 24x7 and based on occupancy it control guest room energy with keep in mind guest comfort.


Guest Room smart thermostat 

We have specially designed Guest room thermostat for hotel room which can be centrally controlled and integrated with all IOT sensors installed in guest room.

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Macrotech offers a wide range of package options to choose from. Simply select channels or package suits to your budget and requirements.


Guest room

light control System

We have designed our custom switch can be installed easily into existing switchboard can be remotely controlled and integrated with our IOT Platform.



smart touch controller

Guest can control room lights to TV or AC from bedside touch telephone which has hundreds of smart features.


AI Powered Voice Assistant

Alexa & Google

We have integrated support or voice assistant Alexa and Google to control light switch to make room service request.



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Save 60% Energy Cost with IOT Solution

We provide one of the best industry price and custom package that can be affordable to every hotel from small to big according to their requirements of numbers of live and premium channels.

PMS Integration


We support all major pms system in market where guest name will be set to roomtv with welcome message  on check in and guest name, historry will be deleted automatically on check out of the hotel.

24x7 Technical 


View all support tickets with a full audit trail if your users ever experience any troubleshooting.
Be alerted to any potential issues before they affect your guests. View an overview of your system’s health status for complete reassurance.

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Easy to install


Easy to manage

Our all devices and hardware design specially for hotel which can be easily installed without making change into their existing wiring.




IOT Platform

Our Cloud IOT Platform for Hotel comes with intutive user experiance and layout so staff can monitor and control any rooms from frontdesk with single clicks.

Data Cloud

Mini Bar

Status monitoring

No need to check everyday every mini bar fridge. you will get automatic alert of list of minibar opened today so you can save lots of time for your staff to check individual rooms.


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