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Is KIOSK a cost effective solution?

Updated: May 21, 2023

Is KIOSK a cost effective solution? Isn’t upgrading Hardware a costly affair? worried about rapidly emerging technology?

Will this system be able to replace the human's? How do I make sure that my guests get the best

Macrotech Hotel Kiosk Frontdesk Check In Kiosk
Macrotech Hotel Kiosk Frontdesk Check In Kiosk

One answer to all worries- MACROTECH

When someone claims to be a solution which promises to be the NextGen revolutionary product, with best in class features but at the same time very cost effective, it sounds a little exaggerating.

I understand that this kind of insecurities do come in mind when it comes to choosing the best for your guest. Having been associated with this industry for over 23 years and being a strong believer of relationship building and delivering the right solution, I decided to dig dipper to understand the mindset of the industry and the reasons for the hesitancy to adapt to change.

But before that lets take a look at what a KIOSK can do?

KIOSK for hotels is the next generation of technology-savvy amenity that is attracting guests and enhancing their hotel experience. The convenience and accessibility of a KIOSK cannot be overstated, as it allows guests to easily check-in, check-out, and access important information about their stay. The tech-savvy nature of a KIOSK is a major draw for younger, more digitally-inclined guests. The ability to bypass long lines at the front desk and complete check-in on their own terms is a major selling point.

Additionally, a KIOSK can provide a level of privacy and autonomy that some guests may prefer.

I did a reality check by talking to over 1000 hotel owners to understand further more. Some of their major challenges were

1) Franchise requires 24/7 hotel staff at the front desk.

2) Majority of the owners were skeptical of using this product as they were under the perception

that this comes at high cost and there is no guarantee that it will be able to be an autonomous

solution to cater to the front desk, they are worried about losing their well trained and loyal

staff at the heavy cost of the KIOSK machine, this would leave them with a major setback.

3) Insurance agencies requires 24/7 staff for hospitality industry.

4) Police & Fire authorities denying of not having anyone at the front desk in case of any

emergency with any of the guest.

5) Senior guests hesitant to use the KIOSK as compared to the staff at front desk.

We at MACROTECH understood these problem of the industry and in order to acknowledge the same we have come up with a solution that will both help hotels attract their guest by keeping up with the latest trends and provide them with the best possible experience along with solving the major pain points of the industry.

We do understand it is almost impossible to replace the warmth and the generosity that a human can offer and it is also necessary to make sure we are at par with the technological evolution.

Our solution is an amalgamation of both the worlds humans along with technology. We are offering the KIOSK at Zero cost along with a nominal charge for services.

That's right, you can enjoy all the benefits of our cutting-edge technology without any upfront costs. We believe that this is the future of the hospitality industry, and we want to make

sure that everyone has access to it.

It's not just the guests who benefit from a KIOSK. Hotel staff can also save time and resources by delegating certain tasks to the machine. This can free up staff to focus on other areas of the hotel and provide more personalized service to guests. It can help streamline operations and improve overall guest satisfaction.

In conclusion, our solution is the perfect amalgamation of technology and human touch. It provides guests with a seamless and convenient experience while also ensuring exceptional customer service. And the fact that we are offering our KIOSK system at zero cost makes it a no-brainer for any business looking to enhance their guests' experience.

- Dipak Patel

Founder of Macrotech & CloudExt

Hotelier and Hotel Developer

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