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Hotel Guest WiFi Service

As experts in providing technology for hoteliers, Macrotech have been installing WiFi internet for the hospitality industry since 2003. We currently deliver perfect coverage to over 70,000+ rooms with our cloud-based wifi technology.


Your customers are really only interested in things that matter to them. So, what if you could understand more about the people who actually visit your business.

Our Wi-Fi solutions collect data and allow you to send targeted messaging to the people using your connection. 


Find out more about the marketing capabilities.

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Fast and reliable Hotel WiFi solution

Our product offers tight integration with Ruckus wireless systems. Our clients also benefit from our comprehensive our guest support service

Electrical Inspectors

Simple Installation and easy to use

Cloud-based technology for affordable installation without the need for a ruckus zone director and easy to use system management

hotel Check In

Specially designed for hotel industry

Customised guest interface to mirror your brand logo and color theme and photo., control your bandwidth per guest device and customised control to save money on bandwidth costs.

Download our Hotel WiFi Solution Brochure

Macrotech offers a wide range of package options to choose from. Simply select channels or package suits to your budget and requirements.

Authenticate guest by sms, social network

Hotel can authenticate guest by email, mobile or via Facebook, twitter or other social network sites. as well guest can scan QR code and login to WiFi.


Support worldclass WiFi Hardware

Macrotech WiFi tightly integrates into the Ruckus APs to provide total management and control. See the status of all wireless access points (eg. Ruckus) and switches (HP), signal levels, devices connected per AP etc


Cloud hosted secured WiFi service

Enjoy reliable, innovative connectivity, and fast installation through cloud-based technology. with ensure all complaince are taken care for security and privacy of your guest.



Motel6 Bessemer

we have been using Macrotech as a WiFi Service provider from last 15 years . always receive ontime support as needed.

Piyush Patel (Manager)

Days Inn, Blyth

Macrotech and team having good hands on hotel WiFi, they solved our WiFi coverage issue with good network design and AP deployment..

Sam Patel (Manager)

Holiday Inn Express

In last ten years i haven't heard from our single guest about wifi complaints. If guest need any support Macrotech team take care everything.. 

Bhupendra Patel (Manager)


Collect Guest Information

Obtain contact details of all users for future marketing purposes. Learn how to adapt marketing campaigns by surveying your users with specific questions. Understand how users are connecting to your network. Track usage to maximise targeted marketing campaigns with useful information such as number of users per day, returning guests, device-type, popular sites, data usage.


PMS Integration


We support all major pms system in market where hotel can create guest last name as a password and assigned room number as a user automatically on check in. and hotel can delete user access on check out automatically.

Call Center

24x7 Technical 


View all support tickets with a full audit trail if your users ever experience any troubleshooting.
Be alerted to any potential issues before they affect your guests. View an overview of your network’s health status for complete reassurance and enhanced understanding.

Let's Not Worry About Price!

let's focus on finding the right solution for you - then we can talk about price

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