CloudExt  A hotel phone system as a service


Designed to meet the changing needs of today’s hospitality industry, Macrotech cloud based phone system as a service will keep you and your guests connected. Built with the latest VoIP and wireless technologies, CloudExt is a flexible and scalable platform that specially designed for hotel needs.


Your customers are really only interested in things that matter to them. So, what if you could understand more about the people who actually visit your business.

Our Wi-Fi solutions collect data and allow you to send targeted messaging to the people using your connection. 


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Phone System at a cost of phone service

We are the first phone system with no capex on hardware we provide all hardware free of cost to run your hotel phone system.


Simple Installation and easy to use

We have designed our solution such a way hotel can replace any old phone system with analog wiring in just 15-20 minutes of time without need help of any professional installer.


e911 service designed for hotel.

Whenever guest dial 911 number hotel staff instantly notified with room number who have made 911 call so before emergency service team arrive hotel can take care of their guest.

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Macrotech offers a wide range of package options to choose from. Simply select channels or package suits to your budget and requirements.


Wakeup Call Notification

Wakeup Call is very important for every hotel and to make ensure guest has cancelled wakeup call  we solved this problem by missed wakeup call notification ring to frontdesk.


No Busy line

for frontdesk  calls..

It is very important for every hotel to receive all frontdesk calls seamlessly we provide unlimited active channels for hotel to receive unlimited concurrent incoming calls.



failover backup service

No Internet no problem we provide 4G LTE auto failover device so hotel has to not worry about internet outage will not inturpt their phone service or guest communication.

Network Hub and Cable


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More than 200 phone system features

We have all standard phone system features from auto attendance welcome greeting to call transfer, forward, conference, voicemail and ring group if you are looking for any particular feature feel free to ask us.


PMS Integration


We support all major pms system in market where guest name will be set to room phone caller id on check in and guest name, voice mail will be deleted automatically on check out of the hotel.

Call Center

24x7 Technical 


View all support tickets with a full audit trail if your users ever experience any troubleshooting.
Be alerted to any potential issues before they affect your guests. View an overview of your system’s health status for complete reassurance.

Let's Not Worry About Price!

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extension app

for your staff

We have android and IOS mobile app which can be used by your hotel staff for internal and outside communication including voice, video call and text message.


Guest room smart


Our smart telephone specially design for guest room with voice assistant and IOT features built in with custom hotel app.


Frontdesk console with room console

Our frontdesk console comes with all functionality one hotel frontdesk required including hotel can monitor realtime status of every guest room phones and calls within hotel.


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