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Leading Hospitality Technology Company

Offering and managing a public Wi-Fi solution is not as costly or as time consuming as you'd imagine when you let us take the strain.

About us

We have reached that moment in time when Wi-Fi is not longer amenity 'nice to have' for customers. It's a necessity. So, why not take control?

Who we are

Founded in 1998 – a company with 17 years of experience in wireless technology and one of the leading providers of WISP, HSIA, Video-on-Demand, IPTV, digital concierge, camera systems, security systems.

•Accredited Franchising Company.

•With  seven (7) offices worldwide and four (4) offices strategically located within US.

• Strong presence in US,Europe, Canada, Mexico and Asia-Pacific region.

•Has its own call center that provides total solution for Hospitality Industry, such as :

(1) 24/7 technical support – Level 1 to 3

(2) customer service

(3) hotel reservation

(4) back office support.

•An ISP company in the Philippines.

•Implemented over 7000+ properties in 17 years and have been adding properties every month.

•Acquired two (2) Wi-Fi Networking  companies.

Our Team

•We have excellent dedicated, professional team of  CCNA & CCNP Engineers from Level 1 to 3. Our Design Team has extensive experience on design and installation. Our team design’s according to brand standards.

Our Mission

•To provide professionally-installed system with maximum uptime.

•To provide equipment, service and support that will exceed our client’s and hotel guest’s.

• To deliver satisfaction for those who work with Macrotech, for our clients and their customers.

Create The Ideal Wi-Fi Solution

Speak to one of our team to understand more about our technical and Wi-Fi system design capability.

Call USA Sales. 1 650-376-2163
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