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Creating public Wi-Fi solutions fit for purpose

Consultancy and Design

Public Wi-Fi solutions that suit your needs

Meet the Wi-Fi demands of your customers with a robust and seamless Internet connection.

Off-the-shelf Wi-Fi solutions don’t necessarily meet the demands your customers place on them. Without proper planning – such as load balancing, access point positioning and user management – you could end up with with an inferior Wi-Fi offering that simply offers frustration for your visitors.

At Macrotech, we have the expertise and understanding to ensure your Public Wi-Fi Hotspots are designed, connected and managed so that every visitor gets great Wi-Fi.

This may be in a straightforward space; or, a more complex building, such as a multi-floor hotel with annexes and conference facilities.

Speak to one of our team to understand more about our technical and Wi-Fi system design capability.


We have specialist consultants to assist with most communications requirements, specialising in broadcast, antenna design and Wi-Fi. Our experience ranges from networks for a 10 room hotel all the way up to 800-room hotels and our engineers have experience in other specialist fields, such as antenna design. We can also provide RF engineers for consultancy where there is more complexity, such as a stadium WiFi systems as well as providing consultancy for invitations to tender upon request.


We would always recommend a full site survey before installing a Wi-Fi network to ensure it is built correctly first time. Our surveys map, plan and help design your wireless network for optimal performance, security and compliance. By carrying out a survey, you can assess the exact quantity, placement and configuration of your Access Points to guarantee a successful wireless installation.

Create The Ideal Wi-Fi Solution

Speak to one of our team to understand more about our technical and Wi-Fi system design capability.

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