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Before we specify a Wi-Fi solution, we undertake a comprehensive site survey.

Wi-Fi Site Surveys

Customer Wi-Fi Specifications

By understanding the layout and construction of your property, we can specify the ideal Customer Wi-Fi solution.

Over the years, we have installed customer Wi-Fi solutions in a range of properties with varying challenges. We’ve even installed Crew Wi-Fi on ocean-going vessels and oil rigs.

Although there are some similarities when we design Wi-Fi networks, there are also individual challenges that are unique to every installation.

From cabling and routing to the Internet connection through switches and server rooms, to establishing ideal positioning of access points that ensure a strong Wi-Fi connection throughout your building.

Why not get in touch about the many different solutions we design and our customer Wi-Fi site surveys.

Site Surveys

Carrying out a Wifi survey has been proven to save money in the long term because it means your network will be built right, first time.

  • Design and deploy the most accurate indoor & outdoor wireless LAN network (802.11n/a/b/g/ac) correctly the first time and prevent costly rework & IT complaints.​

  • Collect real-world data by performing unique true end-user experience (wireless LAN throughput, data rates, retries, losses) measurements.

Accurate Specifications

Our customer Wi-Fi site surveys are comprehensive and the resulting document acts as a clear indication of timescales, responsibilities and overall requirements. From smaller 10 point installations to thousand-room hotels with multiple-zone capability and customer payment facilities, we offer a service above and beyond a 'one size fits all' approach.

  • Minimise expensive wireless 802.11n/a/b/g/ac LAN performance impact due to RF interference sources by performing simultaneous wireless spectrum analysis in a single walk through.

  • Simulate “What-if” scenarios to prevent or minimise costly repeat wireless site survey walks.

Coverage Measurement

We ensure that the complete infrastructure of your Customer Wi-Fi is robust and fit for purpose - for all users. We analyse any solution you may already have in place and identify potential issues and improvements that can be made for a more efficient service and total coverage. If you are new to customer Wi-Fi, we will advise best practice and the most efficient solution for your needs.

Create The Ideal Wi-Fi Solution

Speak to one of our team to understand more about our technical and Wi-Fi system design capability.

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