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Guest Portal

The Guest Portal is the dynamic, interactive and social interface that is visible to end users. 
Involve your customers and increase your visibility. The first impression is what counts , Macrotech offers a fully customization Guest Portal. Macrotech offers a fully customization Guest Portal.

Customize the login page with your brand and the name of your network. Share information with your users and communicate in their language. The Guest Portal is full of features and easy to personalize. Involve the user with slideshow videos, background images, promotions, and more. 
Your customers are always kept informed about the events and the new developments in the area thanks to Macrotech Guest Portal.

The Guest Portal is 100% responsive and adapts to any device.


Multilingual: The system is predefined with 5 default languages : English, Spanish, French, German, Italian

100% Responsive

The Guest Portal adapts its content and template to the various devices, ensuring maximum usability on laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Guest Apps

Default or Customized, the apps will enrich the end-user experience. Macrotech offers an assortment of default and customizable applications that can be added to the Guest Portal. Choose or create the ones that best fit your business and location needs. Applications can be created quickly and simply by uploading an icon and directing the client to an external URL. Macrotech lets you create even more complex applications, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes.


Create surveys, quizzes, and tests in just a few clicks and get immediate responses and reports. Personalized polls, with unlimited questions and score responses, closed or open. Design and personalize your polls with a user friendly interface. 

You can completely customize the look of the survey, from background to header image, from logo to client language. 

Guest Portal lets you show visitors surveys before or after registration and during their stay, deciding whether or not to make compilation compulsory or optional. Responsive to all smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Whether you are testing customer satisfaction or launching a new product, surveys help customers make quick and intelligent decisions. In case of disagreement, Guest Portal sends you an email and lets you resolve them while the guest is still inside the facility, avoiding negative reviews on TripAdvisor or other portals. Get feedback on the quality of your services and analyze results in real time.


Turn your HotSpot network into a new business opportunity. The hotspot is enhanced with content from a WiFi monetization perspective and becomes a platform for creating and managing advertising campaigns. 

Create targeted and engaging advertising campaigns. Build a new image to your business in a simple and intuitive way. The WiFi market is growing and hotspot managers have to plan new market strategies to involve end users and gain benefits. Guest Portal gives you the opportunity to create and manage your content. Thanks to the advertisements, the hotspot gets visibility, thus becoming a source of revenue. Build a marketing activity by leveraging your WiFi network.

Create custom messages, insert logos and images by increasing the visibility of the products and more. The advertising campaign is a powerful tool to reach visitors. Messages and videos are displayed in the Guest Portal area. End users will see them every time they access the hot spot. 

Define every detail to have a professional result and a significant impact on your users.

Create The Ideal Wi-Fi Solution

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